Doggles Dog Goggles ILS Skull and Cross Bones Frame / Smoke Lens Large

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Doggles ILS are the first and only protective eyewear designed just for dogs. 15 Years of experience has made our Doggles ILS (Interchangeable Lens System) the very best in pet eyewear.

For eye protection or fashion, ask for it by name.

Doggles Sizing:

To determine proper size, measure the entire head circumference across the eyes around the entire head under the ears. To determine proper chin strap length, start measurement just under one ear, go under the chin and up to bottom of other ear.

Extra Small – For dogs 1 to 10-pound / Back strap and frame length – 5 to 13-inch / Chin strap – 3 to 7-inch

Extra Small Breed example: Chihuahua, Pom

Small – For dogs 9 to 25-pound / Back strap and frame length – 12 to 20-inch / Chin strap – 4 to 8-inch

Small Breed example: Beagle, Westie

Medium – For dogs 20 to 60-pound / Back strap and frame length – 15 to 25-inch / Chin strap – 5 to 11-inch

Medium Breed example: Dalmation, Border Collie

Large – For dogs 50 to 100-pound / Back strap and frame length – 18 to 30-inch / Chin strap – 6 to 15-inch

Large Breed example: German Shepherd, Labrador Retriever

Extra Large – For dogs 100 plus-pound / Back strap and frame length – 22 to 45-inch / Chin strap – 11 to 26-inchExtra

Large Breed example: Large Rottweiler, St. Bernard

Doggles Dog Goggles are recommended by vets for both physical protection as well as protection from UV light. Get a pair for your dog from here.